Ensuring a Successful Hoxhunt Rollout


If you have purchased Hoxhunt without our dedicated Customer Success Manager service, this article summarizes some best practices and recommendations you can use to ensure a successful Hoxhunt launch. This includes getting your employees onboarded to Hoxhunt and monitoring their engagement. The recommendations below focus on the post-launch phase, after you have initially started the Hoxhunt training for all your chosen employees.

1. Communication is key

As you are introducing a new training method as well as new way of reporting real suspicious emails, it is important to make sure that your employees are aware of Hoxhunt and what is expected of them. Once you followed the recommendations outlined in Pre-launch: Introduce Hoxhunt to your employees before launch you can keep up momentum with the communications post-launch.

You can find tips, tricks, and recommendations for how to communicate about Hoxhunt now that we have launched to encourage your employees get onboarded to Hoxhunt here:

Post-launch: First 8 Weeks - Encourage your employees to participate in the training  

You can also read the entire communication related article series here:

Hoxhunt Communication

2. Get to know the knowledgebase

If your users need any support or have any questions, they can find useful information from our knowledgebase. Please note that the content for admins is gated to Hoxhunt users, so please make sure you are logged into Hoxhunt to be able to read all the content in our knowledge base.

Read more here: How to use the Hoxhunt Knowledgebase  

3. Initially useful knowledgebase articles

A few knowledgebase articles that can initially be useful post-launch are:

Locating the Hoxhunt button

Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button   

Hoxhunt Guide for Helpdesks

It would also be helpful to subscribe to the Hoxhunt status page, where you will be notified if there are any ongoing service disruptions.

4. Getting to know the Hoxhunt Admin Tools

A. The Hoxhunt Admin Portal

The Hoxhunt Admin Portal can be found at https://admin.hoxhunt.com and you can read more about it in the Hoxhunt Admin Portal knowledgebase article.

B. The Hoxhunt Insights Portal

The Hoxhunt Insights Portal can be found at https://insights.hoxhunt.com/ and you can read more about it in the Hoxhunt Insights knowledgebase article.

5. Frequently asked questions

Where can I track my onboarding rate?

You can track your onboarding rate in the Insights: CxO Report. The data is updated once a day. 

Where can I find a list of the employees who have not yet onboarded?

You can use Insights: Data Inspector and the User Activation: Reactivation report – Automatic Start Method to extract a list of employees who have not yet started their training, and combine some targeted communications with an activation email sent by Hoxhunt support in a User Activation as outlined in Post-launch: First 8 Weeks - Encourage your employees to participate in the training

6. Support and ongoing collaboration

If you or your employees have any questions or need any assistance you can check out our knowledgebase or reach out to our support team at support@hoxhunt.com

If you would like to learn more about our Customer Success Management services please reach out to our support team and they would be happy to introduce you to our Customer Success Management team.

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