Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button

Sometimes you might not find the Hoxhunt button in your email client. This article directs you to the appropriate troubleshooting article.


Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button

As there are several types of Hoxhunt buttons and email clients, please choose the appropriate troubleshooting guide below:

Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button in Outlook (Office add-in)

Troubleshooting missing stand-alone Hoxhunt Outlook COM add-in button and errors

Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button and errors in Gmail


I don't know the type of my Hoxhunt button

If you don't know the type of Hoxhunt button you have, please refer to Identifying installed Hoxhunt button (add-in / add-on type).


I have never seen my Hoxhunt button

If you have never seen your Hoxhunt button and the above guides don't help you to locate Hoxhunt button, please go to Locating the Hoxhunt button.

It's also possible the button has not been distributed to you by your administrator. Please contact your IT for assistance.

If you know the button is distributed to you but you still can't find it after checking our guides, please contact us at



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