Hoxhunt Guide for Helpdesks


This page contains the most common issues your employees might encounter when using Hoxhunt. You should share this page with your IT Support provider or internal Helpdesk team so that they can quickly assist your employees with most common questions and issues related to Hoxhunt.


Service status

Please subscribe to the Hoxhunt Service Status page. This page will be updated if there is a major disruption in the service.


Escalating issues

For any matters that your Helpdesk cannot assist with, please contact support@hoxhunt.com or fill in our support ticket form.

When you escalate an issue to Hoxhunt, please include the following information:

  1. User email address

  2. Description of the problem

  3. Steps leading to the problem

  4. Approximate time of occurrence

  5. How often does the error occur (every time with all emails, every time with certain email, etc.)
  6. Copy-pasted Error ID and Error Details (or a screenshot)

  7. Any other relevant context information (recent Office update, network configuration)



Frequently asked questions

What is Hoxhunt? Why should I bother?

Collecting Stars

I didn't receive an invite to Hoxhunt -> Check Junk folder; ask Admin to re-send the invitation

I asked for the Welcome package but it never arrived -> Ask user to try again or contact Hoxhunt Support

I haven't seen any training emails from Hoxhunt

I reported a Hoxhunt email but didn't get full amount of stars. Why?

When does Hoxhunt end?

I don't want my name to be displayed on the Leaderboards or used in Hoxhunt training emails

I received a suspicious emails that is not from Hoxhunt. What should I do with it?



Top support articles for Exchange customers

Hoxhunt button is missing

Locating Hoxhunt in Outlook

Locating Hoxhunt on mobile devices

Hoxhunt button is greyed out

Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button

  • TOP CAUSES: Optional Connected Experiences is not enabled; Reading Pane is turned off

Client requirements for using Hoxhunt

Browser-specific requirements

Deployment: Centralized Deployment of Hoxhunt Outlook add-in

Manually install Hoxhunt add-in to a user


Error situations when using Hoxhunt button 

Problems with Hoxhunt button?
(ADD-IN ERROR, Something went wrong, loading issues, etc.)

  • TEMPORARY WORKAROUND: Always check if reporting works via OWA (Web Outlook) or with another network connection. In most cases this allows the use of Hoxhunt add-in while the error in desktop Outlook client is being investigated.
    • Protected Mode is not enabled. Having it enabled is a requirement for Office add-ins to work.
    • Compatibility View is enabled. Forcing Hoxhunt's Javascript and HTML content to run in Compatibility will prevent Hoxhunt add-in from running correctly.
  • OTHER COMMON CAUSE: User is registered to Hoxhunt with multiple accounts (email addresses). Contact Hoxhunt Support for assistance at support@hoxhunt.com 

Hoxhunt error codes

NOTE: Hoxhunt is currently overhauling its error code system. In most cases you still need to contact Hoxhunt for an explanations for error codes. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Top support articles for Google Workspace customers

Hoxhunt add-in is missing

Locating Hoxhunt in Gmail

Locating Hoxhunt on mobile devices

Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button

    for Chrome extension: User is not logged to Chrome browser; Browser Sync is turned off
    for native Gmail add-on: Side panel is hidden/collapsed

Client requirements for using Hoxhunt

Implementing Hoxhunt for Google Workspace


Further questions?

If you need any additional assistance, please don't heistate to reach out to our support team at support@hoxhunt.com. 


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