Hoxhunt Dashboard Overview

Hoxhunt Dashboard contains all the details of your Hoxhunt journey.

From the dashboard you can:



You receive stars from reporting Hoxhunt quests and going through quest related micro trainings.



As of January 4, 2022 onwards, Hoxhunt has two leaderboards; Individual Leaderboard as well as Country Leaderboard. Individual Leaderboard ranks users based on number of stars collected whereas Country Leaderboard ranks countries based on the relative percentage of stars collected in a country in comparison to stars potentially available to collect. Country Leaderboard data is calculated based on geolocation of Individual users. Both Individual and Country Leaderboards are tracked quarterly and all time.



A streak represents how many consecutive simulations you have reported successfully. Failing or missing a simulation breaks your current streak. Your best streak is recorded so you can try to beat it.


How to access your Hoxhunt Dashboard

There are few ways to access your Hoxhunt Dashboard:

  • report a Hoxhunt quest successfully

  • fail in a Hoxhunt quest

  • log in via https://game.hoxhunt.com/

  • Press the Hoxhunt button on any e-mail, so that the Outlook side pane appears. Press the "Go to Dashboard" in the bottom of the side pane. See picture below.


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