Light mode

Light mode accommodates Hoxhunt's end-user views for users who are more capable of reading dark text over light background vs. light text over dark background.


Examples to show the difference between Dark mode and Light mode on the user dashboard:

Dark mode (default) Light mode


Dashboard in Dark mode.


Dashboard in Light mode.


Hoxhunt report button in Outlook using Dark mode.


Hoxhunt report button in Outlook using Light mode.


Switching to Light mode

Go to Light mode settings and turn it on.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Light mode supported in Hoxhunt Admin Portal or Hoxhunt Insights?

A: Yes and no. Hoxhunt Admin Portal uses Light mode whereas Hoxhunt Insights uses Dark mode. There are currently no plans to allow switching between the modes in Hoxhunt Admin Portal and Hoxhunt Insights.


Q: Are there other features that are not supported with Light mode?

A: Hoxhunt Challenges are not supported by Light mode but instead, are presented as they are regardless of the Light mode setting.


If you have any questions or feedback about Light mode, don't hesitate to be in touch with our support:


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