I'm prevented from accessing Hoxhunt


There are situations where you may be blocked from accessing Hoxhunt. This page describes the different reasons and how to resolve them.



Oops! It seems we are preventing you from accessing this page.


Explanation: This error occurs when your connecting IP address is blocked by Hoxhunt as a link scanner or a bot address by mistake. It can be displayed in various situations like when reporting a Hoxhunt training email, accessing Hoxhunt Dashboard, etc.

Workaround: Try changing your network connection (turn VPN off temporarily etc.).

Solution: If you see this error, your IP needs to be taken off from Hoxhunt's blocklist. Please  have your IT team contact Hoxhunt Support at support@hoxhunt.com to complete the process.



Your account has been deactivated. Contact your administrator to restore the account.


Explanation: This error occurs when your Hoxhunt account has been deactivated. Deactivation can be performed manually by Admins, and automatically by Hoxhunt system for various reasons.

Solution: Please contact Hoxhunt Support at support@hoxhunt.com for assistance.

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