How Hoxhunt builds a unique training path for you

Introduction to Hoxhunt training

Hoxhunt's Phishing Training is built on the principle that learning happens at the boundaries of knowledge, which Hoxhunt expands with individualized training. Not too hard. Never too easy. Always engaging. To provide you with a unique training path:

  • Hoxhunt gives automated reinforcement training on weakest skills
  • Hoxhunt automatically selects attacks based on your skill, role, and location
  • Hoxhunt automatically creates individual learning paths for each employee


Getting to know you as an individual

First we learn more about you: where are you located, what do you do at your organization, who do you work with, what tools do you use in your daily work and how experienced are you at identifying phishing emails. Based on what we learn, we start building out your personalized, unique training path just for you. 


Building unique learning paths

You are as unique as your colleagues, so we build out unique learning paths for all of you individually. Not one journey is like another!

The Hoxhunt training includes:

  • Simulated email-based attacks or training emails, that look like phishing emails and are sent to you so you can report them with the Hoxhunt button
  • Microtraining moments, that allow you to learn the tricks used in the individual training email, so you can recognize them in the future


An ever changing learning path, individualized for you

We also ongoingly adapt the training based on your performance in the training. If you succeed and report training emails, we aim to challenge you further in your next training email. If you fail, we will adapt and give you the chance to catch the next one with an easier training email.

In all situations, you will be able to complete a microtraining moment, which walks you through what tricks were being used in the training email in question. We always reward you with a star when you complete the microtraining, so take the opportunity to learn something new, no matter how you did on the training email itself!

We want you to keep learning and succeeding, no matter which phishing simulation we challenge you with!


I want to learn more!

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If you have any questions about the Hoxhunt training, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at 


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