Admin Portal: Email delivery settings


The Email Delivery settings can be found in the Hoxhunt Admin Portal at


These settings allow you to configure the email delivery as part of your technical implementation. The approach is different if you are a Microsoft or Google customer.


General settings

Hoxhunt sender IP addresses

When you need to use IP-based allowlisting in either your email environment, a third party email filter, or another tool that may impact the Hoxhunt training, you can retrieve the IPs from the Email Delivery settings.


DKIM domain

When you need to use a DKIM domain for allowlisting purposes, you can retrieve it from the Email Delivery Settings. This is the case for example when you need to allowlist in Outlook environments, read more here: Configuring Advanced Delivery for Hoxhunt

NOTE: Use DKIM toggle is ON by default.


Google Workspace specific settings

When you are ensuring mail delivery in Gmail, we recommend that you use the Gmail API Delivery method. Read more here: Configuring Gmail API Delivery




If you have any questions about the Admin Portal Email Delivery Settings, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team at


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