Ongoing user management when CSV list uploads are being used



Once you have initially imported users to your organization through CSV list uploads, there are a few options at your disposal for ongoing new user management.

Onboarding new users to Hoxhunt

Option 1: User initiated onboarding

  • Integrate Hoxhunt training as part of your new employee HR process 

  • Ask new employees to start the Hoxhunt training by clicking on Hoxhunt button

Hoxhunt enables the Anyone can join feature which means that each new employee learns about Hoxhunt and its importance during their first days of employment, and are encouraged to start the training without delay by pressing the Hoxhunt button. They will receive the starting email, and Hoxhunt training starts straight away. By reporting the starting email they will onboard to the training.


Option 2: Admin initiated onboarding

An admin user within your organization uses the Hoxhunt Admin Portal (located at ) to start the training for your new employees. Read more here: Admin Portal: User Management View under Managing individual users and Managing several users.

Start training to send them the starting email and start Hoxhunt training straight away. Alternatively, you can select Invite to training to send out an invitation email which allows users to opt-in to Hoxhunt training if they so wish. You can read more about our start methods here: Hoxhunt Admin Portal: Starting Methods


Option 3: Hoxhunt initiated onboarding

  • Agree on an onboarding schedule (e.g. every first Monday of the month, first day of the quarter, etc) with your dedicated Customer Success Manager or Hoxhunt Support.

  • Remember to communicate about Hoxhunt to new employees! (see Pre-launch communication templates and visual elements )

  • If needed, Hoxhunt can provide a list of users recently added to Hoxhunt platform.


Option 4: Combination of the above

It is also possible to combine different onboarding methods. For example, you can allow your employees to self-onboard (option 1) for a certain time, then start the training for the remaining users centrally (option 2).


Removing users from Hoxhunt

You can use the Hoxhunt Admin Portal to remove users from Hoxhunt.  Read more here: Admin Portal: User Management View under Managing individual users and Managing several users.

Hoxhunt will flag the user as soft deleted and will permanently delete the user after 90 days. If the user is re-activated from the Admin Portal before the 90 days have elapsed, soft deletion is cancelled and user is returned to their original state before soft deletion was triggered. 

If you want to speed up permanent deletion of specific users, please contact Hoxhunt Support. 

More information

You can read more about the Admin Portal tools from the articles below:


If you have questions about new user management please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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