Ongoing user management overview


Once you have launched Hoxhunt to your employees all current employees will be activated in the training. However, it is good to keep mind that you will have new employees joining your company at regular intervals and they will also need to be onboarded to Hoxhunt. This article lays out some best practices and options for how to manage 

Onboarding new users to Hoxhunt

A few best practices to consider when it comes to onboarding new users to Hoxhunt:

1. Include Hoxhunt in their new employee onboarding

Your new employee onboarding will be unique to your organization, but please make sure you include Hoxhunt and onboarding to Hoxhunt as a part of their new employee onboarding. This can be included in a session on cybersecurity, asking them to click the Hoxhunt button to self onboard or as a step in an onboarding task list to do the same. Please also ensure they have access to your internal Intranet or Wiki page about Hoxhunt for further information. 

2. Decide on the new user onboarding process you would like to use

Depending on how you are importing users to Hoxhunt, you can choose a few ways for ongoing user management.

User Management: New user management when SCIM is enabled

User Management: New user management when CSV list uploads are being used


If you have questions about new user management please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or


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