Pre-launch: Introduce Hoxhunt to your employees before launch

Introduce Hoxhunt to your employees before launch

A successful rollout of Hoxhunt includes successful prelaunch communications. As a few general best practices, we recommend starting the communications planning as early as possible. Start by thinking about your organization and the channels you have at your disposal to get the word out.


Pre-launch communications timeline suggestion:


Hoxhunt has mapped out a timeline that you can use as a template as you plan your communications. You can read a more detailed breakdown of the available pre-launch materials in our knowledge base here: Pre-launch communication templates and visual elements

Best practices for your communication campaign

Build your communication timeline

Start by building a timeline and communication campaign that works for your organization. Think about the best channels to get the word out about the new training:

  1. Do you have an Intranet or Wiki where you can set up a section on cybersecurity awareness training and processes for reporting potentially harmful emails?

  2. Do you use any social platforms like Teams, Slack, Workplace, Yammer, Hangouts, or another channel where you could post an announcement?

  3. Email is always a useful channel and can also be used as a part of your communication campaign.

  4. Do you have any company all-hands or stand-up meetings where you could give a quick one-minute introduction to your employees?

Once you know your channels of preference, think about what format of the material works best in each. Hoxhunt has created extensive pre-launch materials that you are free to utilize in your communication campaign, you can read more about them in our knowledge base here: Pre-launch communication templates and visual elements .

You can draw out a timeline such as the one above to map out when you are communicating and in which channel with your employees.

Efficiently introduce the new process and service

Overall, in the introduction phase we recommend focusing on the 5 W’s:

1. Why is the training being introduced?

Hoxhunt has provided a general introduction to why it is important to be able to recognize and report suspicious emails. However, there will be additional considerations specific to your organization that increase the importance for your, to ensure that your employees are trained and ready for whatever may show up in their inbox.

Perhaps you work with highly sensitive personal data? Maybe you are a government contractor and need to maintain the highest security? Focus on the WHY to make sure your employees understand the importance of both reporting suspicious emails and actively participating in the training.

2. What is Hoxhunt and how does it work?

Depending on the reporting and training you have offered your employees in the past, you may be facing some change management in terms of adjusting the process your employees use to report potentially harmful emails.

Hoxhunt provides you with a general introduction to Hoxhunt and how it works in ppt and pdf, as well as a short explainer video, which can help you in introducing your employees to Hoxhunt as a service.

It is important to emphasize that the key behavior change that the Hoxhunt service aims to achieve is that anytime your employee sees a suspicious email in their inbox, they report it with the Hoxhunt button. In order to facilitate this change in behavior, your employees will also be receiving simulated phishing emails to prompt them to report the emails. Through this training they will get better and better at recognizing phishing emails and by reporting the emails, they will be giving your cybersecurity team full visibility into the harmful emails that have been coming in to the inboxes at your organization.

3. Who is participating in the training and is it mandatory?

Most of Hoxhunt’s customers have decided to make the training mandatory for all employees. As we build out customized learning paths for your employees, our aim is always to challenge everyone just the right amount – keeping them engaged and alert at all times.

Whatever you decide is the right path for your organization, mandatory or not, it is important to communicate what you expect from your employees. 

4. When is the training starting?

When can your employees expect to see the Hoxhunt plugin appear in their inboxes? As you have set the launch date with your Hoxhunt onboarding manager, let your employees know when the new process and training starts.

5. Where can your employees find more information?

If you have setup a Wiki / Intranet page, make sure your employees know it exists and give them a link to it. That way they know where they can go to learn more about Hoxhunt. You are also welcomed to link to the Hoxhunt knowledgebase, where your employees can find how-to and troubleshooting guides for various use cases.

Hoxhunt has put together communication material you are free to use as you build out your communication campaign, you can read more our knowledge base here: Pre-launch communication templates and visual elements

Plan to keep up momentum

While the pre-launch communication is very important, the first 8 weeks post launch are also key in ensuring both a high adoption rate among your employees and continued high activity.

Check out our article Post-Launch / First 8 Weeks: Encourage your employees to participate in the training for some best practices and additional communication materials you can use to keep up momentum post-launch and successfully complete your initial communication campaign

Questions or feedback?

If you have any feedback or questions about our pre-launch communication templates and visual elements, please reach out to your Onboarding Manager or


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