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Hoxhunt button: Distributed installation of the Google Workspace add-on

For more information about the Google Workspace add-on see this page.


This guide is created for the official Google Workspace add-on available at Google Workspace Marketplace. Installing and authorizing the usage of the Google Workspace add-on takes a minute. According to Google it might take up to 24 hours for the change to be applied to all users. Please check out the instructions below to install the add-on and authorize it for your organization's users. 

If you are installing a Private Gmail add-on please check out this article and you are installing the Chrome Extension please check out this article.

If you are unsure which add on you should be installing, please reach out to your Hoxhunt Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager for guidance.


Before you start

Requirements to complete this task:

  • User with Google Administrator rights is needed to complete the setup

  • User must have basic knowledge and skills to operate in Google Admin Console

Distributing the Hoxhunt Google Workspace add-on

1. Create technical testing organizational unit or group

Add a new group to distribute the add-on to your technical testing users. Read more here: Use groups to customize service access

You can also use a new organizational unit to complete the technical testing for Hoxhunt. Read more here: Add an organizational unit

You can for example name it: Hoxhunt technical testing and include 3-5 users from your organization for the technical testing.


2. Install and authorize the add-on

2.1 Go to Google Workspace Marketplace or search for Hoxhunt Report in the Google Workspace Marketplace. 

2.2 Choose Domain install. With domain instalI, it installs the app for your entire domain or for a specific organizational unit, such as a technical testing group. 



2.3 Click Continue. According to Google, the installation can take up to 24 hours, so we recommend handling this step a few days before your planned Hoxhunt launch and/or technical testing.


2.4 Specify the group / organizational unit for which you are turning on the add-on for under Turn ON for

2.5. Tick the checkbox to grant access for Hoxhunt to access the necessary data.



2.6. Then choose Allow.

2.7. After the distributed installation has been done choose Done.


2.8. Reach out to your Onboarding Manager to let them know this step has been completed so you can move on to technical testing.

2.9. Complete technical testing to ensure the implementation overall has been successful. 


3. Distribute the Hoxhunt button to a group of employees / all employees

3.1. Once you have completed the technical testing and have agreed on a launch date for all of your employees with your Onboarding Manager, you can distribute the add-on to all your employees by navigating to the Domain install Google Workspace Marketplace apps here: 


3.2. Choose Hoxhunt Report.

3.3. Choose Distribution.Hoxhunt_Google_Workspace_add_on_distribution.png


3.4. Under Distribution, update the installation to be ON for everyone or use an organizational unit or group to distribute the add-on to your employees who should receive the Hoxhunt add-on.


3.5. Choose Save from the view in the Domain install Google Workspace Marketplace apps here: 

you can view for which organizational units the service is on for and information about OAuth Scope and OAuth Clients. You can revoke access to the app or delete the app for all of your users.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I do if the installation process errors out?

A: If the process errors out, try clicking Domain install again to complete the process. If that doesn't work contact your Onboarding Manager or

Q: Will employees be asked to authorize the add-on?

A: No. After you have authorized access to all users as explained above, the add-on will be fully functional. Users will not be prompted with any messages about access rights. 

Q: What should I do if employees are asked to authorize the add-on?

In some rare cases, a feature update to Hoxhunt's Google Workspace add-on may require additional scopes. Follow these steps to re-authenticate the add-on if all scopes have not already been approved by an Admin:

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Click the Hoxhunt Report add-on.
  3. Click grant access to approve the scope.

When the page shows Status: Granted the scope has been approved for all users and users will not longer be requested to authenticate the add-on themselves.



If you have any other questions, please just reach out to your Hoxhunt Onboarding Manager, Customer Success Manager, or Hoxhunt support at 


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