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Distributed installation of Hoxhunt Google Workspace add-on



This guide is for deploying Hoxhunt Google Workspace add-on available at Google Workspace Marketplace. Installing and authorizing the usage of the Google Workspace add-on takes only a minute.

For an overview of Hoxhunt's Google Workspace add-on, please refer to: Hoxhunt button: Introduction to the Hoxhunt Google Workspace add-on 


Before you start

  • You need a user with Google Administrator rights is needed to complete the setup.  The user must have basic knowledge and skills to operate in Google Admin Console.

  • Learn about the permissions needed by the add-on
  • According to Google, it might take up to 24 hours for the add-on to appear for all users

1. Create technical testing organizational unit or group

Add a new group to distribute the add-on to your technical testing users. Read more here: Use groups to customize service access

You can also use a new organizational unit to complete the technical testing for Hoxhunt. Read more here: Add an organizational unit

You can for example name it: Hoxhunt technical testing and include 3-5 users from your organization for the technical testing.


2. Install and authorize the add-on

2.1 Go to Google Workspace Marketplace or search for Hoxhunt Report in the Google Workspace Marketplace. 

2.2 Choose Domain install. With domain instalI, it installs the app for your entire domain or for a specific organizational unit, such as a technical testing group. 



2.3 Click Continue. According to Google, the installation can take up to 24 hours, so we recommend handling this step a few days before your planned Hoxhunt launch and/or technical testing.

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