Optional mail flow rule: Prevent users from forwarding Hoxhunt training emails in Gmail


This article explains how Google Admins can create a Content Compliance rule that prevents your employees from forwarding Hoxhunt training emails outside your organization, to colleagues, or to your Security team. You can even set an automatic reply to the user and instruct them to use Hoxhunt button to report the email instead.


Before you begin

Ask Hoxhunt Support to generate you a hidden string. It will be embedded into every Hoxhunt training email, and the following compliance rule will be activated by it.


Configure content compliance rule for Hoxhunt

  1. Log in to Google Admin Console.
  2. Go to https://admin.google.com/ac/apps/gmail/compliance?pli=1
  3. Scroll down to Content compliance, and select ADD RULE.
  4. Add a short description about the purpose of the rule.
  5. Under Email message to affect, select Outbound or Internal - sending (or both, depending on your need).
  6. Under step 2, select If ANY of the following match the message.
  7. Click ADD.
  8. Change the match mode to Advanced content match.
  9. Set Location to Body.
  10. Set Match type to Contains text.
  11. Paste the string provided by Hoxhunt to Content field.
  12. Click SAVE.
  13. Under step 3, select Reject the message.
  14. Add a rejection notice that suits your needs. We recommend to encourage users to report the email with Hoxhunt add-in instead.
  15. Click SAVE.

Once complete, your content compliance rule should look similar to this:


NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for the content compliance rule to propagate to all users.

Questions or further issues?

If you need any additional help, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Onboarding Manager or Hoxhunt Support at support@hoxhunt.com.

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