Allow/whitelisting proxies, VPNs, firewalls and link scanners overview


To ensure that the Hoxhunt plugin and training functions smoothly, please make sure your proxy, VPN client, or firewall  isn't blocking access to any sub-domains:

In addition, if your proxy or link scanner analyzes links included in emails and blocks them, you will need to allowlist the domains Hoxhunt uses in training emails. Please reach out to your Hoxhunt Onboarding Manager for the up to date list of domains in use.

Guides for a few commonly used proxies and VPN clients

We have gathered some resources below for some commonly used proxies and VPN clients, and how to allow/whitelist Hoxhunt within them. If your solution is not on the list, feel free to reach out to your Onboarding Manager or We try to update the list as needed with additional solutions.

Allow/whitelisting Zscaler proxy solutions

Allow/whitelisting Blue Coat / ProxySG proxy solutions



If you have any questions about the implementation, please reach out to your Hoxhunt Onboarding Manager or support at 

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