Allow/whitelisting Trend Micro solutions


If you are using one of the many Trend Micro solutions, you can whitelist Hoxhunt emails to allow simulations emails to come through. Please note the list below is not exhaustive.


Depending on your Trend Micro solution, you must:

a) allow Hoxhunt emails based on their sender IP address ( and, or

b) allow sender domains of Hoxhunt training emails (ask for a complete list from us).


Cloud App Security (CAS)

  • Build a Partner Receive Connector, and

  • Hoxhunt's sender domains must be manually added to Advanced Spam Protection and Web Reputation settings.

  • Hoxhunt IPs should be added to Approved Header Field List:

    • Received [contains]

    • Received-SPF [contains]

    • Received [contains]
    • Received-SPF [contains]

(please check for the appropriate header name from a Hoxhunt technical testing email)


Read more about Advanced Spam Protection in Cloud App Security here (external link).

Read more about Web Reputation Services in Cloud App Security here (external link).

Read more about configuring Approved Header Field List in Cloud App Security here (external link).


ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (SMEX)

Whitelisting instructions (external link)


Hosted Email Security

Managing the Web Reputation Approved List (external link)

Whitelisting instructions for Hosted Email Security (external link)

Whitelisting features in Hosted Email Security (external link)


Email Security Advanced

Almost identical to Hosted Email Security.


InterScan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS)

Handoff email from specific IP addresses (external link)

NOTE: "Do not intercept messages" might be a better option.


InterScan Messaging Gateway Virtual Appliance (IMSVA)

Whitelisting instructions (external link)


Smart Protection for Office 3565

= Email Security Advanced + Cloud App Security

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