Did you miss a training email from Hoxhunt?


Sometimes when reporting a suspicious email you might see the Almost fast enough! message in the Hoxhunt pop-up window:



This means the email you reported was actually a Hoxhunt training email, but it took you over four days to report it. While you are unable to earn the maximum number of stars from the particular training email anymore once it has been missed, you can still earn an extra star by going through the microtraining.

Read more about collecting stars here: Collecting Stars in the Hoxhunt Training


Why do training emails expire?

The faster a possible threat is identified in your organization, the faster you and your organization will be protected. By having the training emails expire after four days Hoxhunt encourages people to report suspicious emails as quickly as possible.


Why is it important to report every suspicious email?

The faster a possible threat is identified the sooner you and your organization can be protected. Therefore it's important to report all suspicious emails via the Hoxhunt button as soon as possible to help catch potentially harmful emails and incoming attacks.

You can also read more here: Why should you report suspicious emails and how do you do it?


What if I go on a holiday?

Hoxhunt has a dedicated Holiday mode that allows you to mark yourself absent beforehand. When holiday mode is active you will receive training normally. Training emails are not marked as missed, however but you have 4 days after holiday mode ends to report them. After 4 days they are marked missed. The time after which simulations are marked as missed is calculated from the day holiday mode ended, e.g. if you received a training email today, and marked holiday mode to be active in two days, you would still have 4 days to report the training email after holiday mode is no longer active.

You can set your holidays in Hoxhunt dashboard from the profile menu.

Hoxhunt occasionally asks if you are going to be absent any time soon when interacting with phishing simulations.

The number of days holiday mode can be used during a calendar year depends on your organization's settings.

I see a missed training email on my dashboard

Even if you might not report a training email fast enough from time to time, don't worry - you can still complete the microtraining on your Hoxhunt Dashboard to earn one extra star.

Reviewing the microtraining material is an integral part of Hoxhunt, as it teaches you ways to protect yourself and others around you from malicious attacks.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@hoxhunt.com 


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