Collecting Achievements in the Hoxhunt Training


Achievements are a classic engagement mechanism meant to give players a small reward for completing various actions. With Hoxhunt you can gain achievements for actively participating in the training.

We wanted to include Achievements in your Hoxhunt training experience to make the training more fun, give you a new topic to discuss with your colleagues at the water cooler (either virtually or in real life), help you better understand your training journey more clearly and provide you with milestones to track.

To make achievements more meaningful, we have also added rarity statistics next to each achievement. Achievement rarity is the percentage of users in your organization who have received the given achievement. Achievement rarity is also grouped under four groups based on the percentage of users in your organization who have received the given achievement. 


Rarity % of users in your organization have received
Common More than 50%
Uncommon Between 20% and 50%
Rare Between 5% and 20%
Legendary Less than 5%


You can find your achievements at 




Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I find any achievements in my dashboard?

If you can’t find the achievements, reach out to your company admin and ask them to reach out to Hoxhunt to turn them on for your organization so you can start tracking your progress!

What happens when the feature is turned on for a user that has been in the training for a while?

When the Achievements feature is toggled on for your organization, upon their next visit to the Dashboard (via reporting a training email or otherwise) the user will receive all the achievements they are entitled to up to that point at once.

Is there a list of all the available achievements?

No. On the Achievements page, you can only see completed achievements and "in progress" achievements.

Are there any secret achievements?

Maybe 😉 You will just have to keep playing to find out!

I have lots of feedback on the achievements, where do I share it?

You can always reach out to our Support with feedback, or share your thoughts with your company admin who can then gather the overall feedback and share it with your Customer Success Manager at Hoxhunt.

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