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Time zone settings

By defining your current time zone Hoxhunt is able to send you training content as more relevant times.

Set your time zone

Go directly to your time zone settings here.

You can also navigate to your profile by going to then clicking on the arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner and choosing Profile page.

Under Timezone, you can change the time zone settings to match your current location.


Set time zone automatically (based on your location)

By default, Hoxhunt detects your time zone from your web browser. When automatic time zone detection is turned on, your detected timezone is displayed in the disabled drop-down list.

NOTE: Automatic time zone detection may not work if you access your Dashboard and Timezone settings after reporting a Hoxhunt training email. If you are experiencing problems with time zone detection, try opening and logging in with any modern browser.


Set your time zone manually

If you would like to set your time zone manually, disable Set timezone automatically switch, and choose your time zone from the drop-down list.



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