Single sign-on (SSO) Overview


Hoxhunt provides a single sign-on option for its users. We support several different options for SSO. You can find the detailed guides for each option below.

Configure Single sign-on (SSO) for Hoxhunt

Depending on your Identity Provider (IdP), please select a suitable configuration guide:

Azure AD SSO and SCIM configuration

Configuring AD FS SSO

Configuring Single Sign On for Hoxhunt in Google Workspace

Okta SSO and SCIM configuration

User Management: Configuring OneLogin SSO and SCIM

The translation table below, shows you the corresponding terms for the currently supported SSO applications. The top row shows you the terms used in the Hoxhunt Admin Portal, the other rows show you what the corresponding term is in the different SSO applications, as well as where you should enter this information within each SSO application. Please note that in some systems, the same data should be entered into two different places as outlined below. 

Hoxhunt term SAML 2.0 Endpoint (Http) ACS URL (Entity ID)

Azure AD corresponding terms

1. Identifier (Entity ID)

2. Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)

1. Endpoint URL
OKTA corresponding terms 1. Organization ID 1. Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
Google Workspace corresponding terms


2. Entity ID

N/A, included in IDP metadata (downloadable .cert file)
AD FS corresponding terms 1. Relying party SAML 2.0 SSO service URL 1. Federation Service Name
OneLogin corresponding terms 1. SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) 1. SAML Consumer (ACS) URL


Are you using another Identity Provider?

Please feel free to use the guides above as applicable.

Alternatively, please contact Hoxhunt Support at


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