Hoxhunt button: Special - Adding Hoxhunt add-in manually to Outlook

Important: If your Exchange Administrator has already deployed Hoxhunt add-in for you centrally, the instructions below won’t work. Please contact your IT support or Hoxhunt support at support@hoxhunt.com for further guidance.


Step 1: Access Get Add-ins pane

There are three ways to access the correct pane where Outlook add-ins can be installed manually.


Option A: via desktop Outlook

1. If you are using desktop Outlook application on Windows, select File > Manage Add-ins.

2. If you are using desktop Outlook application on MacOS, select Tools > Get add-ins.


Option B: via Outlook sideload

1. Navigate to https://aka.ms/olksideload.


Option C: via Outlook on the Web

  1. Log in to Outlook on the Web (https://outlook.office.com/mail/) or the URL where Outlook Web Application is hosted for your organisation.
  2. Select any email, and then click on three dots symbol.
    There are multiple three dots menus available. Select the one closest to your email's subject and toolbar.


  1. Select Get Add-ins at the bottom of the list.



Step 2: Add Hoxhunt add-in

  1. Select My add-ins > Custom add-ins > + Add a custom add-in


  1. Select Add from URL…


  1. Enter the following URL and select OK > Install.




If you are unable to add the add-in via URL due to an error (error loading the manifest etc.), try the following:

1. Paste the manifest.xml (above) URL to your web browser. A standard XML output will be displayed.

2. Save the XML output via File > Save as... > manifest.xml.

3. Repeat Step 2 above but instead of selecting Add from URL..., select Add from File...


If you get an error telling you are not authorised to install custom add-ins, you cannot use this method. Please contact your Exchange Admin or IT Helpdesk for assistance.

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