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Language preferences

You can configure Hoxhunt's interface language and email language to suit your needs and skills. This article helps you customize Hoxhunt to maximize your learning.


Access your language preferences

Go directly to your language settings clicking here.

You can also navigate to your profile as follows:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click your name in in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Profile page.



Edit your language preferences

You can edit two different language settings:

1. Language

Pick your preferred user interface language from Language drop-down menu. This determines the language of your Hoxhunt interface (, Hoxhunt button's language as well as the micro training moments provided during the course of the Hoxhunt training.

2. Languages you receive emails in

Pick your preferred Hoxhunt training email language(s) from Languages you receive emails in drop-down menu. If you add more than one language, you will receive Hoxhunt emails in multiple languages. The amount of content available in different languages may vary.

NOTE: English is always included and cannot be removed.



Communication language is asked from user

After you have reached Leather shield (15 stars), Hoxhunt suggests you to add additional languages. Adding more languages enhances the training experience by delivering the training emails in the languages you speak, write or receive emails with.


Supported languages

Please check Supported Languages for a complete list of languages Hoxhunt supports.


Frequently asked questions

Q: If I add another language I want to receive mails in, will it cause me to receive more training emails?

A: No. You will still receive the same amount of Hoxhunt training emails as before, but they will be randomly sent in the languages you have selected in your simulation language preferences.


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