Requirements and recommendations for Firefox


Mozilla's Firefox (Gecko) can be used to access Hoxhunt service via Outlook on the Web or Gmail. However, it's not a default browser used by any version of Outlook or Gmail client to run Hoxhunt add-in.

For optimal Hoxhunt experience, make sure you are running a stable and recent version of Firefox.

In normal situations, no further configuration is needed for optimal Hoxhunt experience. However, if you encounter issues when using Hoxhunt add-in with Firefox, please check the following settings.


Check Enhanced Tracking Prevention level

1. Open Firefox.

2. Go to about:preferences#privacy.

3. Set Enhanced Tracking Prevention to Standard.
TIP: If you can't use Standard level or Hoxhunt is still not working correctly, please open each of the following sites in a new Firefox tab:

Then, click on the shield icon next to the site URLs.


Toggle the switch to OFF position.


Repeat the steps to each site and restart Firefox.


Pop-up windows should be allowed for Hoxhunt

1. Open Firefox.

2. Go to about:preferences#privacy.

3. Scroll down to Permissions, and make sure Block pop-up windows is not checked.
(If you don't want to allow pop-up windows for all sites, select Exceptions..., and then type and click Allow and Save changes.)

5. Restart Firefox and try Hoxhunt add-in again.

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