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Chromium Edge (Edge Chromium, Edge 79 and later) is Microsoft's latest browser platform, and it's recommended for all Windows clients using Hoxhunt add-in. It is designed to abandon most of the old and problematic security features introduced by Internet Explorer while working as a modern and secure browser.

In normal situations, no further configuration is needed for optimal Hoxhunt experience.


Frequently asked questions

Does Chromium Edge have ties to Internet Options?

Sadly, yes. While Internet Options were usually accessed via Internet Explorer, they're actually part of Windows 10, not Internet Explorer. Therefore, there are still settings under Internet Options that can affect Chromium Edge's behaviour.

IMPORTANT: As there is no official documentation from Microsoft about the exact dependencies, please take the following information with a grain of salt. Let us know how our assumptions look!

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General tab

Most settings in this tab are related to Internet Explorer so they won’t affect Edge or other browsers in any way.

Security tab

Some settings from this tab can affect Edge and other browsers.
Although Edge Chromium still supports Security Zones, it relies by default on a system of Site Lists and permission checks to make security decisions for web content, based on the host of a target site.

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Privacy tab

This tab is mostly related to Internet Explorer, so it won’t affect Microsoft Edge.

Content tab

This tab is mostly unrelated to Edge, and it only affects Internet Explorer.

Connections tab

Changes made from the Connections tab affect your entire system including other web browsers such as Microsoft Edge.

Programs tab

These add-ons aren’t related to Edge.

Advanced tab

The list of options mostly affects Internet Explorer, but there are some system-wide options available as well.

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