Hoxhunt button is greyed out or it sometimes goes missing

Sometimes your Hoxhunt button might appear inactive (greyed out) in Outlook toolbar. It might also go completely missing in some scenarios.



Figure 1. Greyed out Hoxhunt button.

There are multiple reasons why this may happen, so please read the following sub-topics.

Also check the most up-to-date information from this article by Microsoft.


Reading pane is not activated

The Hoxhunt button is displayed as inactive (greyed out) in your Outlook inbox if you do not have Reading Pane in use.

Reading_pane_settings.png    Reading_Pane_MacOS_Outlook.png

Figure: Reading Pane setting in Windows (left) and on Outlook for Mac (right).


Using the Reading Pane for previewing messages is safe as long as you have the latest updates installed for Outlook and are following your organization's security guidelines.

Please follow this guide for enabling the Reading Pane in Outlook.

NOTE: If you don't want to enable Reading Pane, open the email to a separate window. Hoxhunt button should now be enabled.


Why can't I report emails without using the Reading Pane?

You can't report emails directly from Inbox list due to technical limitations set by Microsoft. Current technical implementation of Outlook add-ins require the reading pane to be enabled, or the email to be opened fora separate window for the add-in to activate.

If you don't wish to use the Reading Pane, you must open the email to a separate window for the button to activate.


Outlook is in Offline mode

Outlook add-ins don't work without an Internet connection. Make sure your Outlook is not in offline mode.


Message type or message location is not supported by Outlook add-in technology

Certain types of emails are not compatible with Outlook add-ins. Such types include:

  • Protected by Information Rights Management (IRM) or encrypted in other ways for protection. A digitally signed message is an example since digital signing relies on one of these mechanisms.
    NOTE: IRM-protected and digitally signed emails are supported in certain environments, and the may require special configuration by an Admin. Please see the most up-to-date information from this article by Microsoft.

  • A draft (does not have a sender assigned to it), or in the Outlook Drafts folder.

  • A .msg or .eml file which is an attachment to another message.

  • A .msg or .eml file opened from the file system.

Particular locations are not supported by Outlook add-ins. They cannot be used in:

  • group mailboxes, archive mailboxes, or public folders.
    NOTE: add-ins are supported in shared mailboxes and in another user's mailbox in certain scenarios. Please check this MS article and this Hoxhunt article for more details.


The selected email is not yet synced

This is especially related to users of Outlook for Mac (old UI). Soon after opening your Outlook or receiving an email, some add-ins (including Hoxhunt, Send to Onenote, Share to Teams) may appear inactive (greyed out). Please allow some time for Outlook to update the local mailbox and switch between emails a few times until Hoxhunt add-in is again active.

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