Allow/whitelisting Cisco Ironport solution

If you are using Cisco Ironport, you will need to whitelist Hoxhunt to make sure that our simulated threats are able to come through.

NOTE: you need to add Hoxhunt to the WHITELIST sender group in the Host Access Table (HAT). You can configure the HAT via the GUI or the CLI. This article covers only the configuration via GUI.

  1. Click the Mail Policies tab.
  2. Under the Host Access Table section, select HAT Overview
  3. On the right, make sure your InboundMail listener is currently selected
  4. From the Sender Group column below, click WHITELIST
  5. Click the Add Sender button near the bottom half of the page
  6. Enter the following Hoxhunt IP addresses in the first field:

When you finish adding entries, click the Submit button. Remember to click the Commit Changes button to save your changes.

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