Troubleshooting: Hoxhunt emails are not arriving correctly

Users are not receiving some or any Hoxhunt emails

If there's a problem in whitelisting and mail flow rules, simulation emails from Hoxhunt may end up in Junk folder or even quarantine. This article gives few tips on how to troubleshoot the root cause.

Perform Mail Trace

Perform a Mail Trace to see if your mail flow rules were applied correctly. If you have a Hybrid environment, perform mail trace at every email server on your message path.

Configure Microsoft Advanced Delivery (for EOP and Defender customers)

Make sure you have configured Advanced Delivery. Starting from October 26th 2021, mail flow rules (ETRs) will not allow emails considered are high confidence phish (SCL 9 or higher) to pass through to user inboxes without Advanced Delivery.

Check Security Filter logs

If you have additional security solutions in place on your message path, check their logs. Hoxhunt email may have been quarantined. 

Also look for Hoxhunt's sender IP address in email headers. If the IP address is not one mentioned above, your Security filter may have changed the originating IP address.

If your security filter requires allowlisting of each sender domain to pass through, please ask Hoxhunt support for a list. Keep in mind this list is being updated constantly.

Check the order of Mail Flow rules

Also check the order of your mail flow rules. If you have a spam filter rule in place that has a higher priority than your Hoxhunt rule, this may prevent Hoxhunt emails from being delivered successfully. 
Solution: Raise the priority of Hoxhunt mail flow rules.

Consider Partner Receive Connector

Evaluate if Hoxhunt could be allowed to send emails directly to mail server MX, bypassing most filter systems. This helps to retain the message headers intact, and mail flow rules can detect Hoxhunt emails better.


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