Allow/whitelisting McAfee/MX logic solutions

If your organization is using McAfee or MX Logic, you will need to whitelist Hoxhunt IPs to allow our emails through to your end users. 

You can modify your policy-level Allowed Senders list by following the steps below. This new policy will allow any inbound mail flow originating from our IP addresses to bypass the spam and content filters in McAfee/MX logic.

  1. Login to the Control Console. Select the Email Protection tab, and then the Policies tab.
  2. Highlight the inbound policy you wish to change and click Edit
  3. Click the Allow/Deny tab, then add our IP addresses to the Add Address box:
  1. Enable the checkbox for Bypass attachment policy as we send emails with attachments
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Save. There may be a 20-minute delay for the changes to take effect.

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