Locating Hoxhunt in Gmail

Hoxhunt button is automatically distributed to you by your Google Workspace administrator, so you don't need to install anything yourself.

Once the button is distributed to you, it's in your Google email client. If it is not visible, please check this article and only then reach out to your internal IT support team for assistance.


Hoxhunt button's location in different Gmail clients.


Locating Hoxhunt button at gmail.com

Hoxhunt button is available in your Gmail's side panel.
TIP: Make sure you have the side panel expanded.



Locating Hoxhunt button in Gmail Mobile App

On mobile devices, you can locate Hoxhunt button at the end of any email.




I'm unable to find my Hoxhunt button 

If you have trouble finding your Hoxhunt button, check out Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button.

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