Configuring Google Workspace SSO

This guide tells you to how to enable Single Sign On between Hoxhunt and Google Workspace.


Before you start

Please ensure the following before you start:

  1. You have access to Google Admin Console at
  2. You have access to Hoxhunt Admin Portal at If you do not have access to the Admin Portal, please reach out to your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager.

Setting up SSO in Google Admin Console

1. Log in to Google Admin Console.

2. Click Apps.



3. Click Web and mobile apps.



4. Click the Add App dropdown menu. Then click Add custom SAML app.



5. Enter "Hoxhunt" as the Application name.

6. Insert the Hoxhunt logo by uploading the image you can download from the end of this article.

7. Click Continue.



8. Copy the SSO URL to clipboard.



9. Go to Single Sign-On in Hoxhunt Admin portal.

10. Add the SSO URL to the SAML 2.0 endpoint (HTTP) field.





11. Switch back to Google Admin Console and copy the Certificate, then click Continue.



12. Switch back to Single Sign-On at Hoxhunt Admin Portal.

13. Add the Certificate you copied from Google Admin Portal to the Public Certificate field. SSO_-_Enter_certificate.png


14. Click Save.

15. Copy the ACS URL (Entity ID).



16. Switch back to Google Admin Console.

17. In the Service Provider Details, add the ACS URL (Entity ID) you retrieved from the Hoxhunt Admin Portal to the the ACS URL and the Entity ID fields.

18. Then fill in the following details:



19. Click Continue.

20. Click Add Mapping.



21. In the new mapping, add the attributes relevant for you as shown below in the translation table. NOTE: First Name and Last Name are mandatory.

Google Directory Attribute App attributes (Hoxhunt) Hoxhunt notes
Basic Information > First Name user.firstname Mandatory
Basic Information > Last Name user.lastname Mandatory
Employee Details > Department user.department Optional 
Employee Details > Title user.title Optional 
Employee Details > Department Optional 
Employee Details > Cost Center Optional 



22. Click Finish.


23. Ensure the Hoxhunt SAML application is on for everyone by clicking the drop down menu from the top right corner in the Hoxhunt SAML Apps settings for User Access



24. Make sure ON for everyone is selected, then click Save.



25. You should see this on the front page of the app in Google Admin Console.


26. As a final step, open a private/incognito browser window and go to

27. Enter your email address and test the SSO login works.


Congratulations! You are all done.


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