Unsubscribing from Hoxhunt training emails

Participating in Hoxhunt training is voluntary unless your organization policy states otherwise. So, in most cases, you can opt out of receiving Hoxhunt training emails.

(For some organizations Hoxhunt training is considered mandatory. If you are working in one of these organizations, we are unable to take you out of the training. Please contact your Security or IT team for further information.)

To opt-out, email us at support@hoxhunt.com. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your training to end.

After your training has been stopped, please keep reporting all suspicious emails with the Hoxhunt button!


IMPORTANT: We hope you stay with us!

The purpose of Hoxhunt training is to increase your awareness about social engineering and trending phishing attacks. Through repetition, Hoxhunt develops and maintains your skills and knowledge of cyber security and, as a result, your workplace will become safer for everyone.

At times, Hoxhunt training may cause temporary negative emotions like stress or anxiety. While we want to keep emotional reactions to a minimum, we do this because malicious actors use the same tricks to make you click on a malicious link, open an attachment containing malware, or give out your credentials. Hoxhunt is a safe environment to brush up your skills.


Want to stay in the training but be anonymous instead?

That's also possible! Please check this KB article on how to set yourself anonymous in Hoxhunt.

Turning yourself anonymous hides your name from the Leaderboards and prevents your name from being used in phishing simulation emails sent to your colleagues (if the co-worker feature is enabled in your company).


Unsubscribing from Hoxhunt promotional emails

Depending on your role regarding the Hoxhunt service, you may receive promotional emails like Hoxhunt Newsletter to your inbox. If you are receiving our Newsletter and other promotional communication from us, you were subscribed by your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager at the beginning of your Hoxhunt journey.

To unsubscribe from Hoxhunt promotional emails:

  • Hoxhunt Newsletter: Please use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.


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