User Management Overview

Hoxhunt provides several methods for user management: CSV imports, SCIM automated user provisioning, and the Hoxhunt Admin interface. 

  1. SCIM (automated user federation) is suitable for customers of all sizes who are utilising Azure Active Directory or OKTA to manage their employee base. SCIM can be used to automatically add and remove users from Hoxhunt service as well as easily change their data like country and department information. Don't worry if you are not yet ready for SCIM - you can start using Hoxhunt with CSV files and switch to SCIM later.
  2. CSV Imports are suitable for small-to-medium sized companies and those who don't have the possibility to use SCIM. Currently, Gsuite customers have the CSV option available for user management. 
    • Option 1: User Import Tool in Hoxhunt Admin
      Admins can use the new User Import Tool to import new users to the Hoxhunt service. Read more about the tool here. 
    • Option 2: Send your CSV to us
      If you have any trouble with the User Import Tool, you can also provide CSV lists to Hoxhunt Support periodically to keep your user base up-to-date. Read more about this option here.
  3. Hoxhunt Admin portal allows you to edit data of individual employees. You can also perform small admin tasks such as invite users to Hoxhunt training, delete individual users and toggle their training mode. Please check it out here and give us feedback!


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