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Applies to: M365, Hybrid
The guide for On-premise exchange environments can be found here:
Deploying Hoxhunt add-in via Exchange Admin Center

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Centralized Deployment is a method that can be used in certain Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. It is also used to deploy Outlook add-ins to Outlook Mobile. To check if this method suits you, please see Office 365 Compatibility Checker article before reading further.


  • Add-in can be deployed to everyone in the tenant or only a selected group of users
  • Add-in is automatically deployed and removed as members are added and removed from groups
  • Add-in is automatically pinned in Outlook on the Web (OWA) and Outlook Progressive Web Application (PWA)*
  • Centralized Deployment supports three desktop platforms: Windows, Mac and Online Office apps. Centralized Deployment also supports iOS and Android (Outlook Mobile Add-ins Only).

*NOTE: Add-ins deployed via Centralized Deployment by Admins since 21 April, 2021 will be automatically pinned in Outlook for Web and Outlook Progressive Web Application. However, based on Hoxhunt's experience, add-ins deployed before that date will not be automatically pinned, even when they are re-deployed. Hoxhunt has issued a bug ticket to Microsoft about this.


General requirements:

  • The admin deploying the add-in and the users receiving the add-in must be on a version of Exchange Server that supports OAuth authentication. By default, Exchange Multi-Tenant and Dedicated VNext deployments support OAuth.
  • Users must be using Office 365 ProPlus, or one of Microsoft 365 Enterprise SKUs (E3/E5/F3) or Business SKUs (Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium), and are signed into Office using their organizational ID, and have Exchange Online and active Exchange Online mailboxes.
  • Your subscription's directory must either be in, or federated to Azure Active Directory.

To learn more about Centralized Deployment, please check Microsoft's Centralized Deployment FAQ and Before You Begin articles.

For environments that don't meet the requirements for Centralized Deployment, you can deploy Hoxhunt Outlook add-in via the Exchange Admin Center by using Powershell. Please see this article.


Centralized Deployment of Hoxhunt add-in

1. In the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Navigate to Settings > Add-ins.

NOTE: If you don't see this menu option, use this direct link to access the page or navigate Settings > Integrated apps instead. Then follow these instructions.



2. Click + Deploy Add-in.


3. Deploy a new add-in dialog opens, choose Next.



4. Under Deploy a custom add-in, choose “Upload custom apps”.



5. Choose “I have a URL for the manifest file.”, copy and paste the following manifest URL into the highlighted text field (don't forget to include https://):


NOTE: If you have been provided with a different URL, please use that one instead.

Click “Upload” to proceed.



6. Under Assign Users, choose who has access to the add-in. You can select Everyone, Specific users / groups, or Just me.

If you select “Specific users / groups”, you can search for individual users or AD groups you want to deploy the add-in to.


7. Under Deployment Method, select whether you want Hoxhunt add-in to be mandatory or if users have the option to remove the add-in.

Click “Next” to proceed.centralized_eployment_of_hoxhunt_add-in_two.png

8. A page with required permissions is opened. Review the permissions and click Save.

Click “Save” to finish the deployment.



9. Confirmation page is shown that confirms the add-in has been assigned to the users/groups you selected.



Please note:

  • it may take a few minutes to an hour for the add-in to appear for the newly selected user group. According to Microsoft it may take up to 24 hours but usually it's much less.

  • If you are unable to see Hoxhunt add-in in desktop Outlook even after restarting the application, please check if the button is available in Outlook on the Web (OWA) or Outlook Progressive Web Application (PWA). Please check this article to locate Hoxhunt button in Outlook OWA / PWA.


10. Your new Hoxhunt add-in is now displayed in the Add-ins list (the page might need a refresh).




Edit, remove or add users / groups for Hoxhunt add-in

1. In the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, navigate to Settings > Add-ins.



2. Click Hoxhunt Report in the Add-ins list.



3. Make any necessary changes and click Save.


Please note:

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