Collecting Stars in the Hoxhunt Training

You collect stars by reporting emails with the Hoxhunt add-in. The amount of stars you can earn depends on whether you reported the quest successfully, if you missed the quest (reported it too late), or failed if you clicked on a link or opened an attachment in the quest.

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Successful quest

Each time you successfully report a Hoxhunt quest you will receive two stars. You can earn a third star by completing the micro training.



Missed quest

Quest expires after four (4) days. You can still report it via Hoxhunt add-in but the quest is still considered as missed

Each time you miss a quest you will receive one star. You can earn a second star by completing the micro training.



Failed quest

Each time you fail a quest you won't receive any stars. You can still earn one star and points by completing the micro training.


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