Collecting Stars in Hoxhunt training

You collect stars by reporting training emails with the Hoxhunt add-in or by completing training packages.

The amount of stars you can earn from training emails depends on whether you reported the training email successfully, if you missed the training email (or reported it too late), or failed by clicking on a link or opened an attachment in the training email.

You can also earn up to three stars from each training package you complete. See here for details.

TIP: You can follow your progress on your Hoxhunt Dashboard at


Collecting stars from training emails

Successful training email

Each time you successfully report a Hoxhunt training email you receive two stars. You can earn a third star by completing the associated micro training.



Missed training email

Training emails expire after four (4) days. You can still report the email with Hoxhunt button but the email is still considered as missed.

NOTE: If you are running a Proof of Concept trial, simulations will expire in 2 days.

Each time you miss a training email you will automatically receive one star. You can earn a second star by completing the associated micro training either by reporting the training email or visiting your Hoxhunt Dashboard at



Failed training email

Each time you fail a training email by clicking on a link or attachment, you automatically receive no stars. You can still earn one star by completing the associated micro training.



Collecting stars from training packages

Please refer to this article.

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