Locating Hoxhunt in Outlook



Hoxhunt button is automatically distributed to you by your organization's administrator, so you don't need to install anything yourself.

Once the button is distributed to you, it's in your email client. If it is not visible, please check this article and only then reach out to your internal IT support team for assistance.



Hoxhunt button's approximate location in different Outlook clients.


Locating Hoxhunt button in new Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Web

Microsoft in undergoing a major UI redesign across many of its Outlook clients, including Outlook for Web and New Outlook for Windows. Microsoft's goal is to gather all add-in under one place called Apps.


The placement of the Apps menu depends on the Outlook client you are using. We ask for your patience until Microsoft has completed the transition for all Outlook applications. Meanwhile, we have set up a special knowledge base article to help you find your Hoxhunt button.

Read more: Locating Hoxhunt button in New Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Web

Read how Microsoft plans to improve the discoverability of Outlook add-ins:
(2024-01) About Hoxhunt button's visibility in Outlook clients

Locating Hoxhunt in Web Outlook

Read more: Locating Hoxhunt button in New Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Web


NOTE: Every time you use Hoxhunt button in Web Outlook, the button asks for your permission to open an new window. Select Allow to get best Hoxhunt experience.

TIP: If the Hoxhunt button wasn't automatically pinned to your message toolbar in Web Outlook, you can pin it manually. For detailed instructions please check this article.


Locating Hoxhunt button in Outlook for Mac and Classic Outlook for Windows

Hoxhunt button is located in the toolbar, in Home ribbon. If you can't see the button, check behind the three dots menu.



Locating Hoxhunt button in Mobile Outlook

To learn how to locate hoxuhnt button in mobile devices, read Locating Hoxhunt on mobile devices


I'm unable to find my Hoxhunt button

If you have trouble finding your Hoxhunt button, check out Troubleshooting missing Hoxhunt button.


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