One Minute Onboarding

You begin your Hoxhunt journey in a few easy steps. There are a few different ways to begin.


Find the Hoxhunt Welcome package. This will look a little bit different depending on the settings your organization has chosen.


Different ways to onboard

a) I received a Welcome email

Look for a Welcome email (sent from with the title “Start your Hoxhunt training.” Please follow the instructions given in the email and report it by pressing the Hoxhunt button (“Report this email”).



b) I haven't received any emails, but I still want to join

Depending on the settings your employer has selected, you may be able to join Hoxhunt on your own. Simply click Hoxhunt button in your Outlook or Gmail. Look for the Welcome email (sent from, your first simulated threat, and report it with the Hoxhunt button to start your onboarding to the Hoxhunt training! If you can't find the email from your inbox, you can use the following link to receive it again:


c) I received an invitation email to join Hoxhunt

You may have received a separate invitation email instructing you how to start Hoxhunt. Simply report the invitation with the Hoxhunt button, then you will receive a Welcome email



Onboarding screen

Once you have reported your first Hoxhunt simulation, you are guided through our Onboarding steps.

In this onboarding, you will learn why Hoxhunt is relevant to you and why it is important to protect yourself and your organization from email-based attacks.

First, choose your preferred language by selecting Change Language in the bottom-left corner.

Then advance through the onboarding screens by selecting Next. Then you will also be able to go through your first micro training moment, tied to the Welcome simulation.


After you have completed onboarding, you will be taken to your Hoxhunt Dashboard, which you can access at any time at 



Next, you can check your Hoxhunt settings located at so we can tailor the training experience better to your needs. You can read more about the settings here: Hoxhunt Dashboard and Preferences


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