Reporting Hoxhunt training emails

Hoxhunt training emails

The Hoxhunt Phishing Training teaches you to recognize and report phishing emails by sending you simulated phishing emails for you to recognize and report.

Each time you report one of Hoxhunt simulated phishing emails with your Hoxhunt button, you get to learn more about the particular simulated phishing email you received through a short micro training moment. The training is tailored to the training email you receive.

Depending on how your employer has set up Hoxhunt service, the following additional training features may be available to you:



Reporting in Web Outlook and new Outlook for Windows

When reporting emails via Web Outlook and new Outlook for Windows, you are asked each time to allow Hoxhunt to open a new window:

Report this email wants to display a new window.

This is a technical safeguard set by Microsoft, and it cannot be circumvented.


When prompted, select Allow. If you select Ignore, the reporting process stops, and you are asked to select Allow next time.

Failed to open the dialog.
Please try reporting the message again, but this time click "Allow" when asked to allow displaying a new window.

Web_Outlook_wants_to_display_a__new_window.png    Failed_to_open_the_dialog.png




If you have any questions about reporting Hoxhunt training emails, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at 


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