Pausing Hoxhunt Training (formerly Holiday Mode)

Note! Based on feedback received, we are changing Holiday Mode to "Pause Training". The changes will be rolled out during June 2024. Read below how Pausing the Training works.


Pausing your Training is possible certain number of days each year. You can pause your training on your Hoxhunt Dashboard via Pause Training dialog.  


Pause Your Training

1. Go to your Hoxhunt Dashboard's Profile menu and select Pause Training.

In this dialog, you can see the amount of days you can have your training paused during the current calendar year.


2. Select the Start date and End date and then click Pause Training.


How Pausing the Training works

When your Training is paused, you don't receive training emails in general, except in the case where your organization specifically decides to send a benchmark simulation.


Reminder to pause your Training

Hoxhunt occasionally asks if you are going to be away any time soon.


Amount of days available for pausing your Training

The amount of days you can pause the training during a calendar year is decided by your Hoxhunt Administrator. Please contact them if you feel the amount of days available is not sufficient.


I can't find Pausing the Training on my Hoxhunt Dashboard

Pausing the Training is an optional feature which your Hoxhunt Administrator needs to enable. Please reach out to your Hoxhunt Administrator to have Pausing the Training available. Once it has been enabled, you will see the above prompt next time you report a Hoxhunt training email.


Frequently asked questions

Can I schedule the training to be paused for multiple time periods?

No. Currently, you can only have one schedule for pausing the training.


I'm going on a longer leave (parental, sabbatical, etc.). Pausing the Training doesn't have enough days to accommodate this. What should I do?

Please contact either your Hoxhunt Administrator or Hoxhunt Support ( They can pause your training for a longer period.

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