Holiday Mode

Holiday Mode lets you mark yourself absent for certain number of days each year. You can mark your upcoming out-of-office days on your Hoxhunt Dashboard via Set next holiday dialog.  


Set up your next holiday

1. Go to your Hoxhunt Dashboard's Profile menu and select Set next holiday.


In this dialog, you can see the amount of unused holiday days you have left.


2. Select the Start date and End date and then click Set holiday.



How Holiday Mode works

Like the regular Out Of Office feature in your email application, Holiday Mode doesn't stop training emails from being delivered to your Inbox.

When Holiday Mode is active, you keep receiving training emails but they are not marked as missed during your vacation. When you return, you have 4 days to report them successfully.

After 4 days, the unreported training emails you have received during your absence are marked as missed. The time after which training emails are marked as missed is calculated from the day Holiday Mode ended.


  • You received a training email Monday, and scheduled Holiday Mode to become active on Wednesday and end on the following Monday (inclusive).
  • When you return to work next Tuesday, you have 4 days to report the training email successfully.


Holiday Mode reminder

Hoxhunt occasionally asks if you are going to be away any time soon.



Amount of days available for your Holiday Mode

The amount of days you have for Holiday Mode is decided by your Hoxhunt Admin. Please contact them if you feel the amount of days available is not sufficient to your work pattern.


I can't find Holiday Mode on my Hoxhunt Dashboard

Holiday Mode is an optional feature which your Hoxhunt Admin needs to enable. Please reach out to your Hoxhunt Admin to have Holiday Mode available. Once it has been enabled, you will be prompted to set up your next away period the next time you report a Hoxhunt training email.


Frequently asked questions

Can I set up multiple holiday periods?

No. Currently, you can only define one holiday period at a time.


I'm going on a longer leave (parental, sabbatical, etc.). Holiday Mode doesn't have enough days to accommodate this. What should I do?

Please contact either your Hoxhunt Admin or Hoxhunt Support ( They can pause your training for a longer period.


Does Holiday Mode end if I report an email while Holiday Mode is active?

No. Reporting a training email or a regular suspicious email with Hoxhunt button doesn't end Holiday Mode automatically.

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